agen judi bola – Among other clergy brahmans and astrologer clergy miraculous caretakers of insignificant groups such as thieves pick up robbers and criminals. The main quest for royalty is that of agricultural farming. the characteristics of farmers’ farms, is often moved where this situation is not a good means of generating temple culture or art as a whole.

Thus it may be surprising why western Java in ancient times rarely find a manuscript or palace building. In addition to farming other major search is trade, which proves that the kingdom of sunda has proved to be an adequate trade port.

Banten is a seaside trade port city, engages with Sumatra and maladewa, and is coated by a coconut sunda syahbandar is the best port of the network and its relationship reaches the sumatera malaka tanjung pura and madura. The government in coconut sundae is well-ordered and equipped with court agencies.

Cimanuk is the most distant port of its location and has been inhabited by a moslem population. The other ports are each cigede and tamagara pontang whereas the commodities traded mostly in food and pepper as a means of payment in the use of Chinese currencies circulating in the kingdom of how much sunda and currency.