daftar judi bola – Prabu ratu dewata 1534 m. There was a disturbance of Islamic raids under the leadership of yusuf mausoleum and coconut sunda market was rushed by the falatehan name of coconut sunda had taken place in ganti jayakarta 22 juni 1527 m. which means victory is glorious.

since then the kingdom of sunda – pajajaran was cut off in foreign affairs at the same time a government empire port fell into the power of Islam, so that the power of the kingdom was forced to survive in the interiors that had interrupted relations with the portugis from the outside. The magic queen was recorded by a cruel king. as well as ignoring the well-being of the people and the affairs of the state.

Toohaan in malaysia and the noble noble king or king of the king is the most beloved sunda who was attacked and defeated sultan banten. With the collapse of the kingdom of pajajaran kingdom in 1579 m. The government of the kingdom of Sunda and the West Java has begun entering a new era under the authority of Islam to the Sultanate and Cirebon sultanate.

The livelihood of Sunda – West Java is not based on the hierarchy in the government bureaucracy to be set based on their respective functions in groups or groups. At least four groups of masrayakat will be found. Economic groups among others farmers breeder chicken and blacksmith. The guards of state guard tools to soldiers or soldiers.