988Sport – And the king entered Islam and then proclaimed his empire’s empire. And the title of king is changed to sultan, but many of them use the title malik in Arabic, meaning king. Islam entered and developed into Borneo which was the largest island in the archipelago, which later belonged to three countries. indonesia malaysia and brunei darusalam. Islam first entered West Kalimantan.

Especially in port cities because it is very strategic as a haven, ships that sail from China to the Middle East and Europe. As explained earlier, after the Islamic faith came and succeeded in inviting local persuaders to embrace Islam, the Islamic sultanate stood there.

A cleric from Arabia, named Sheikh Husain, who is just watching in Saukadana Tanjungpura, married to the son of cousin Raja Giri Kusuma, in a protection between the king and Syaik Husein a joint pledge is held, if Shihih Husien gets a son and the King Giri gets a daughter or vice versa they will be married.

And was determined to be the heir of Tanjungpura. when his wife when a child is born a boy is called syarif hasan. when his daughter was born intending to go on pilgrimage and at the same time returned his homeland briefly inaugurated to replace his father-in-law governing the kingdom was inauguration of many who attended from within and outside the country these two men carried a title letter which.

Give the title to this new king with the title of sultan alaudin. And since then the Tanjungpura Sultanate proclaimed its country to be an Islamic sultanate. But because the king giri kusuma is still alive, then this king still orders. When this king died the government was replaced by his wife Queen Sukadana.

So the Sultan of Alaudin even though he was appointed to be the king of Tanjungpura, it turned out that he had not been fully recognized as King of Tanjungpura in 1604 AD, Dutch entered Tanjungpura. Because they wanted to master the trade routes in the area, this kingdom and the queen of Sukadana were captured and he was replaced by the queen of water worship.